Penn Nursing to Host Philadelphia Launch of Lancet Report on ‘Women and Health’
PennNews | 4 November 2015

Highlighting Women’s Contributions to Health (in Spanish)
La Jornada | 7 August 2015

Half of Women’s Work in Health Care is Without Pay (in Spanish)
Siempre 88.9 | 6 August 2015

Women and Health: Issues to be addressed with an integrated vision (in Spanish)
Inmujeres | 6 August 2015

Report reveals that the contribution of women to health is undervalued (in Spanish)
Sin Embargo | 6 August 2015

The Undervalued Contributions of Women to Health (in Spanish)
Notimex | 6 August 2015

The Undervalued Contributions of Women to Health (in Spanish)
20 Minutos | 6 August 2015

Lancet’s Commission on Women and Health report: what does it mean for newborns?
Healthy Newborn Network | 10 July 2015

Africa: Women’s Healthcare Remains Poorer Than Men’s
AllAfrica | 23 June 2015

The Value of And: Global Nurses Embrace the New Lancet Commission on Women And Health
Global Nursing Caucus | 22 June 2015

Women’s Healthcare remains poorer than men’s
SciDevNet | 22 June 2015

Women’s contribution to health care is nearly 5% of global GDP, almost half unpaid
Oncology Nurse Advisor | 16 June 2015

How Women Provide an “Invisible Subsidy” to the World’s Health Care Systems
Pacific Standard | 8 June 2015

How women contribute $3 trillion to global healthcare
The Conversation | 8 June 2015

Women and Health: The key to sustainable development
Impatient Optimists | 5 June 2015

Women are the backbone of healthcare with few rewards for $3tn contribution
The Guardian | 5 June 2015

Women ‘worth £1.95tn to healthcare’
British Telecommunications plc | 5 June 2015

Women’s contribution to health care nearly 5% of global GDP
Harvard In the News | 5 June 2015

Dr. Meleis Co-launches Lancet Report on Women and Health
Penn Nursing News | 5 June 2015

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